Austin Liu
I am currently a senior attending Fayetteville High School. Welcome to the official website of the FHS Register Newspaper and its publications!Besides being a staff reporter of the News section for the newspaper, I am also a copy editor for that section for the first time this year. This is my third year on the school newspaper, and I hope to continue gaining experience in the journalism field and become a skilled writer this year. Outside of school hours, I enjoy reading, volunteering in my community, participating as a member of the school Quiz Bowl team, playing tennis, practicing piano, and traveling in and outside of the country. Regarding the future after high school, I am interested in studying Economics, Business Management, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or a combination of those or related subjects later during college. As I enjoy exploring a variety of places and meeting different people, I would also wish to engage in job internships and study abroad opportunities throughout the time that I am a college student.

Austin Liu, News Editor, Reporter

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