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  • 2nd and 3rd final -- Dec. 20

  • 5th and 6th final -- Dec. 19

  • 1st and 4th final -- Dec. 18

  • 8th and Zero B final -- Dec. 15

  • Last day of school -- Dec. 21

  • Fire Drill -- Dec. 13

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Alice Cai

A writer- of fiction, non-fiction, stories, poems, essays. all that has words and meaning.

An artist- an artist with pencil and paper, with brush and canvas, or with nothing at all, with only my mouth to speak and my brain to think and my heart to create

An explorer- a wanderer but not lost, following an unmarked path

A thinker- a thinker most of the time of random gibberish but an active thinker nevertheless

A student- a lifelong student of school subjects, of lifestyle and culture, a student of others and Google and myself

A teacher- non-official of course, but i teach little things when i can

Alice Cai, Writer

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The Student News Site of Fayetteville High School