MWM Library streams chick hatching

MWM Library

MWM Library streams chick hatching

Avery Redfern, Reporter

The MWM Library is currently live streaming the hatching of 40 eggs in the third-floor library classroom.  Librarian Sarah Roberson said that most of the eggs came from her hens, with contributions also from Jimmy Frisby in the Agriculture Department.  Claude McGeehee has contributed his incubators, time, and expertise.  After they hatch, the chicks are going home with several teachers.

The eggs should hatch around noon on April 17.  The eggs are being kept behind glass for health reasons in order to protect the students.  The eggs are marked with an X to ensure that the eggs’ air pockets are kept upright.  Roberson also said that many people think they should help chicks if they appear to be struggling to hatch, but that is detrimental to the chick’s process. Even though they appear to need assistance, it is a natural process the chicks need to go through.

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