Talk of new schedule


Amelia Southern

Senior Laney Hoggatt looks over her schedule

Laney Hoggatt, Co Editor-in-Chief

The master schedule has always been a recurring issue. Every year, there is talk of finding a new way to set up the schedules in order to provide more options for students and teachers. Principal Dr. Jay Dostal is hoping to find a solution to the schedule issue.

“It was necessary to look at how our daily bell schedule could be reconfigured to help solve these issues,” Dostal said.

The biggest problem with the schedule is the 90-minute advisory. Many are unsure what to do in the period and feel that the period is ineffective. Some students want advisory to be a period where they receive information about college preparation, high school advice or help and other aids for their future. Others want advisory to be a study hall where they can catch up on missed classes, receive tutoring, do homework and work with other students on assignments and projects. Dostal hopes to make advisory more efficient and better for the students.

“When I arrived in Fayetteville in the beginning of July, I was informed that student schedules had not been distributed yet because the master schedule was not complete,” Dostal said. “Finally, the FPS Board of Education has set a goal to provide a more personalized learning experience for students.”

Dostal sent out a survey to all high school students and staff members to hear their opinions about the schedule. It asked about provided classes, amount of classes and opinions on advisory.

“It was important to give the survey to students, parents, and staff so that they could have a voice in the process,” Dostal said. “As you might imagine, there are a wide array of views on how the bell schedule should look, and it was important for all stakeholders to have a voice in the process.”

While there have been no changes made yet, Dostal hopes that the changes made fix the advisory issue, provide more flexibility to seniors so they can explore post-high school plans and establish a master schedule before summer so problems can be fixed during the summer.

“The FHS Counselors are currently rewriting their curriculum and what they come up with will be delivered as part of the Advisory process,” Dostal said. “[I hope to give] more flexibility for seniors, especially in their senior year, to explore a variety of different post-secondary options (college/career/life readiness) that may not require them to be on campus.”

Dostal knows that it will be an adjustment for everyone to get used to but believes the changes will be for the better and give students more opportunities.

“We are doing our due diligence in listening to all feedback that is being presented. The decision that we ultimately end up with will be informed because everyone was offered a chance to have a voice in the process,” Dostal said. “I would just invite people to ask questions rather than operate off of assumptions. They can email me anytime.”

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