Arkansas midterm candidates compete for votes

William Chesser

Courtesy of William Chesser

William Chesser

Billie Firmin, Editor

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In November, candidates for public office will be up for election around the country. Northwest Arkansas is no exception- there are several local positions up for grabs and many candidates are seeking to fill those positions.

United States House of Representatives District 3
Steve Womack (R) is the incumbent representative and Josh Mahony (D), Michael Kalagias (L), and Josh Moody (I) are running against him.

County Assessor
Russell Hill (R) is the incumbent assessor, and William Chesser (D) is running against him.

Circuit Clerk
Kyle Sylvester (R) is the incumbent Circuit Clerk and Adrienne Kvello (D) is running against him.

County Clerk
Becky Lewallen (R) is the incumbent County Clerk and Emily Sledge (D) is running against her.

County Judge
Joseph Wood (R) is the incumbent judge and Jim House (D) is running against him.

County Treasurer
Bobby Hill (R) is the incumbent treasurer and Zane Chenault (D) is running against him.

There are also several statewide positions available.

Asa Hutchinson is the incumbent governor and Jared Henderson (D), Leticia Sanders (D), Jan Morgan (R), and Mark West (L) are running against him.

Lieutenant Governor
Tim Griffin (R), is the incumbent lieutenant governor and Anthony Bland (D) and Frank Gilbert (L) are running against him.

Secretary of State
Current Secretary of State Mike Martin is term-limited. John Thurston (R), Trevor Drown (R), Susan Inman (D), and Christopher Olson (L) are running to fill the seat.

Dennis Milligan (R) is the incumbent treasurer and Ashley Ewald (L) is running against him.

Attorney General
Leslie Rutledge (R) is the incumbent attorney general and Mike Lee (D) and Kerry Hicks (L) are running against her.

Andrea Lea (R) is the incumbent auditor and David Dinwiddie (L) is running against her.

Lands Commissioner
Current lands commissioner John Thurston is tterm-limitedand running for Secretary of State. Tommy Land (R), Larry Williams (D), and T.J. Campbell (L) are running for the seat.

State Senate District 4
Current state senator Uvalde Lindsey has retired. Dawn Clemence (R), and Greg Leding (D) are running to fill the seat.

State House of Representatives District 80
Charlene Fite (R) is the incumbent representative and Lou Reed Sharp (D) and Casey D. Copeland (L) are running against him.

House of Representatives District 84
Charlie Collins (R) is the incumbent representative and Denise Garner (D) is running against him.

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