‘Staying at Tamara’s’ promises to be summer hit

Billie Firmin, Editor

Summer is approaching, which means long car rides, pool parties, and picnics are about to begin. What do each of
these events have in common? They are all improved by good music.

Of course, this means that teenagers everywhere are going to be looking for new songs to blast all summer long. And the perfect album to listen to on repeat is none other than George Ezra’s sophomore album, ‘Staying at Tamara’s’.

Ezra first came onto the music scene with his pop hit “Budapest” in 2014 which increased his popularity tenfold. Later that year, he released his first album ‘Wanted on Voyage’ which became the third best-selling album of the year.

‘Staying at Tamara’s’ lives up to the reputation of ‘Wanted on Voyage’. The album is a satisfying combination of upbeat pop and slower, romantic songs. Ezra’s deep baritone voice is soothing yet exciting at the same time, which makes listening to the album a quirky and surprising experience.

‘Staying at Tamara’s’ debuted in March but has a distinctly summery feel. ‘Shotgun’ in particular conjures up images of driving through the countryside on a hot day, while ‘Paradise’ is more suited for outdoor get-togethers.

Slower ballads such as ‘The Beautiful Dream’ and ‘Hold My Girl’ encapsulate the feeling of the dog days of summer- perfect for hammocking and relaxing in the shade.

So, when making a playlist this summer, consider George Ezra’s ‘Staying at Tamara’s’. It will not disappoint.

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