Is The Santa Clarita Diet really to die for?

Chloe Rubiano, Reporter

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The zombie movies, books, and television shows we are used to seeing today are set in a dystopian world, with our protagonist being one of the few humans left and our antagonist always, of course, being the zombie. However, in Netflix’s original show, The Santa Clarita Diet, we are given an entirely new narrative. Replacing the age-old theme of dead lifeless zombies, Netflix offers us zombies that have been rid of their inhibitions and are living life to the fullest.

The show first aired February 3, 2017, and not only have I been bombarded with ads and propaganda promoting the show, I’ve also heard nothing but praise for it. So I sat down and watched it – in one day. Though the show has a slow start, once it picks up speed it does not slow down.

We watch as Sheila Hammond, played by Drew Barrymore, goes through her life feeling bored and plain. However, that all changes when she throws up a mysterious ball, promptly dies, and then is reanimated as a new, bolder, and happier Sheila. The Santa Clarita Diet follows Sheila, her husband Joel, played by Timothy Olyphant, and their daughter Abby, played by Liv Hewson, as they try to cope with the fact that Sheila now needs to eat people to survive. Luckily, there seems to be an unending supply of Nazis and crooked cops in Santa Clarita.

Not only does the show provide an edge of the seat thrill and laughter, it also has plenty of romantic awe-worthy moments when it comes to Joel as he tries to deal with his wife’s newest diet of eating people. Their daughter Abby also does her best on keeping her mother’s secret and tries to be okay with the fact that her mom eats people.

Despite an intriguing plot and amazing characters, the episodes do leave something to be desired. Gorey shots are something to be expected when a show of this nature is released, and even though this show has plenty of dead bodies and severed limbs, these scenes are hardly believable and yet still leave me cringing in disgust. On the topic of cringing, the screenplay of the show is excessively vulgar, which distracts me from what I liked about the show.


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Is The Santa Clarita Diet really to die for?