Madrigal Feast


Madeline Mitchell

FHS Encore choir preforms a Madrigal feast sampler in the library on Novermber 29.

Wednesday, Nov. 29 Encore performed a sampler of their Madrigal Feast set in the library’s tiny concert. The 20 members sang seven songs. They did their special entrance and exit while in their medieval costumes. Their official performances are Dec. 7,8, and 9. Tickets are still available.

Every year for 13 years, the choir program hosts Madrigal Feast at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. At Madrigal Feast, all the choirs are dressed in medieval attire. All the choirs except Encore are dressed as peasants and serve the guests. Encore is dressed as Lords and Ladies and perform throughout the night. They learn a dance as well as a set to sing. Bravo, a group made up of Men’s Select Choir and Women’s Select Choir members chosen through an audition process, also performs a few songs during the event. Encore has been rehearsing their set since the beginning of the school year.

Encore is made up of members of the A Cappella Choir who auditioned in May 2017. Every A Cappella member has the opportunity to try out. Returning members have to re-audition as well. The group varies in size each year. The group is lead by choir teacher Dawnelle Fincher, meeting once a week during A&E and holding monthly night rehearsals in preparation for feast. During their night rehearsals, they are helped by choir teacher Leann Girshner, Woodland choir teacher Katy Housh, and Ramay choir teacher Chris Michaels.

Purchase tickets to Madrigal here.

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