Tiny Concert


Lauren Vernon

Ted Hamming performing some of his own songs such as Long Black Male, Mystery Man and With Me By Design.

Alice Cai, Editor

Lauren Vernon
Abdulla Aldhamen and Devon Mullins performing covers of songs such as The A Team by Ed Sheeron, Love Story by Taylor Swift and 867-5309 / Jenny by Tommy Tutone

The Tiny Concert performance was held in the library during A&E on Thursday, November 16 in the library. It consisted of two performances.

The first featured Devon Mullins and Abdullah Aldhamen, both students at FHS. They performed covers of The A Team by Ed Sheeron, Love Story by Taylor Swift, and 867-5309 / Jenny by Tommy Tutone.

The second featured Ted Hammig, who is a singer and guitarist. He performed Long Black Male, Mystery Man, and With Me By Design, all songs that he wrote himself.

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