The popularity of Stranger Things


Lauren Vernon

A student watching Stranger Things 2 on their phone

Billie Firmin and Lauren Vernon

On October 27, the long awaited second season of Stranger Things premiered on Netflix. The first season was released in July 2016 and centers around the small town of Hawkins, Indiana and a twelve year old boy who mysteriously disappears while biking home from a friend’s house.

Stranger Things, a Netflix Original Series, has captivated audiences from the moment it was released. The leading characters- Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, and Dustin Henderson- shine in their roles as pre-teen nerds. They ride their bikes everywhere, they are friends with their science teacher, and they spend most of their time together playing Dungeons and Dragons. However, they quickly become amateur detectives when their friend Will Byers disappears without a trace.

This all begs the question, why is Stranger Things so popular?

First off, the show creates a sense of nostalgia for viewers who grew up in the 1980s. The characters wear clothes true to the decade, and the soundtrack is made up of 80s hits by artists such as Modern English, The Clash, and Corey Hart. This makes the show appealing for older viewers as well as young viewers.

The cast is absolutely incredible in their roles. Some of the actors, such as Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine, are well respected and well known members of Hollywood, while others like Millie Bobby Brown and Joe Keery are starring in their first big hits. Regardless of experience, however, each cast member is funny, compelling, and in certain cases downright scary.
Finally, the show is constantly shrouded in mystery. From the first few minutes of the show, the audience is left with questions, some of which are unanswered even at the end of the season. The theme of uncertainty throughout the show leaves viewers continuing to watch in an effort to discover what is really going on in Hawkins.

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