EPA climate rule repeal

Gavin Kuncl, Writer

The Environmental Protection Agency has repealed an Obama era climate rule. But what exactly does this mean in layman’s terms?

The Clean Power Plan was a carbon emission rule created and enacted during the Obama administration, aiming to decrease greenhouse-gas emissions from existing power plants that fuel global warming. It aimed to decrease the nation’s carbon pollution by about a third, but it has been subject to many vicious legal fights.

The Clean Power Plan was a contribution to the climate deal signed late 2015 in Paris. The US has removed itself from the Paris Climate agreement and on March 28 the  Trump administration signed an Executive Order that called for a complete review of the EPA. EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has been quoted as saying to Kentucky coal miners that, “The war on coal is over.” In addition, the EPA has removed the phrase “climate change” from the agency’s draft of a four-year strategic plan, a 38 page document. The issue seems to still be going on, as the Environmental Protection Agency’s website, www.epa.gov has stated that, “We will continue to post updates as available as we implement this executive order.”

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