Analysis: lesson from hurricanes



By NOAA/NASA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Gavin Kuncl, Writer

Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria. Each of these hurricanes have had an unprecedented effect on the United States, from sheer damage to the constant fear of landfall. But one good thing to come out of these catastrophes is that they have brought us together.

The hurricanes may not have kept the heavily divided US unified for long, but they were a factor that put on hold the increasing contentiousness that has ripped through the United States with each presidential election. The United States has always bonded together during a crisis: Pearl Harbor, September 11th, and other infamous events. Americans will drop what they are doing to help in any way they can.

Since the 2016 election, those politically leaning left have put up a vicious fight against the Trump administration.  On August 27 Antifa protesters (short for Anti-Fascists) totaling more than 100 in numbers, went through police barricades and which led to an attack on a handful of President Trump supporters and right-wing activists. According to The Washington Post, those leaning politically right have marched with tiki torches alongside professed members of the KKK and caused the death of one counter protester while injuring others.  But then the hurricanes hit. Parts of Texas became completely submerged, turning dry, quiet Texas neighborhoods into Atlantis. Average civilians from all political ideologies, of every ethnicity, men, and women, pitched in. The massive volunteer civilian rescue force is known as ‘The Cajun Navy’. These private boat owners began evacuating those that were trapped. The rescuers were not liberal, not conservative, not Black, Hispanic, Asian or white, not men and not women. They were American. It did not matter what the other person believed in, but that they needed help.

Once the interest from the Hurricanes began to die down and the reconstruction began, we drifted back to our original activities. But these events should have more recognition, that Americans are a powerful force when we unify.

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