Global meltdown

Seeing the adverse effects of climate change

veronica Kumpe, Reporter

Climate change has been heavily debated for years but it’s inarguable that the Earth is changing. According to Climate Change Central, the ten hottest years in history have been since 1998. The Earth is suffering more than ever, but too often the issue is ignored.

Former President Barack Obama led a change in the way Americans react to climate change and under his administration, carbon emissions have decreased by nine percent according to Although a step in the right direction was made, according to the Conservative News Service website, only 27 percent of Americans think climate change is happening and perpetuated by humans.

While it may not be apparent to an average person, according to NASA, over 97 percent of scientists are in agreement about climate change.

“I’m very worried about the environment especially with the new president.” said junior Sarah LeBlanc. “I’m worried about endangered species.”

So why are many people reluctant to accept that humans are changing the Earth? Republican members of Congress such as representative Rick Crawford and senator John Boozman of Arkansas have even gone as far as to say climate change is only a hoax.

Incoming Senate chairman of the committee on the environment and public works Jim Inhofe called climate change the “greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the American people.”

The new US president was even quoted saying he is not a believer. In fact shortly after the President was sworn in, any mention of climate change was taken off the White House website.

Aligning with President Trump’s promise to cancel the Paris Accord (committing nations across the world to take action against climate change) the EPA director Scott Pruitt has been instrumental in fighting measures put in place by former President Obama limiting harmful emissions.

The effects of climate change are already being seen around the world. The oceans’ ice shelf is melting, sea levels are rising, plants and animals have shifted inland to avoid new weather extremes.

“I know future generations will regret this.” said Junior Logan O’Hara. “The differences are easy to see.”

Rising temperatures indicate all of the oceans’ ice will likely be gone by mid-century according to NASA. Even though humans are not at risk of extinction anytime soon, sea turtles, polar bears, and penguins are.

Humans are causing irradiation of species that have existed for centuries.

“It takes a lot,” said O’Hara. “Not just people, corporations too. Everyone must change their ways if we hope to keep our planet.”
More people should be concerned about the state of the environment. Rather than looking to the past and denying the climate change that is already going on, the problem must be recognized and dealt with while still possible.

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