Nation united

If you lost, don't despair

Kinzie Shepherd, Co-Editor In Chief

Riots, vandalized cars and buildings, smashed windows, knocked out power lines, injury, detainment, death. All obstacles the United States has been riddled with since the president-elect was announced on November 8.

But is this really necessary? It is understood that a lot of people are extremely upset about the results of this election, but destruction and hate are not the answers.

It is time to stop discrediting what good can come out of this presidency. Not for Trump, but for America. We must become united and make the best of it.

With our country already teetering on the brink of uncontrollable violence, insufficient job availability and insurmountable political corruption, it is time for a United States president with a blank slate that can put people back to work, stimulate the economy and mitigate hatred and violence. And believe it or not that is exactly what we have to look forward to with the upcoming Trump/Pence presidency.

Donald Trump is the first president to be elected that wasn’t previously a career politician. This leaves a wide variety of doors open for American people and the other countries we do business with. Because he has not yet been swayed by political entities, he is able to make political decisions based on the best interests of this country, not what he is pressured to choose.

Not to mention his extensive business background. Trump’s business savvy and experience negotiating with both domestic and foreign leaders equips him with keen, realistic insights into different types of economies. Trump is uniquely skilled to manage large, complex trade agreements; scope out weaknesses in financial competitors around the world and has immense experience working in partnerships with small industries as well as those on a national level. These traits are imperative for a president.

Trump has also declared that he will not be accepting a salary during his presidency which speaks out for his character significantly. For him this isn’t about the money, it’s about doing what is best for the country starting with putting an end to violence.

During his presidency, Trump plans to substantially decrease violence on all platforms. In the first one hundred days alone, he will generate a Restoring Community Safety Act that reduces crime, drugs and violence by enlisting a Task Force on Violent Crime and creating programs that educate and assist local police officers; increase resources for federal law enforcement and prosecutors in order to take down criminal groups and put violent offenders behind bars. This is significant in that it will effectively reduce violent crime substantially and save millions of American lives.

While these are just a few of the benefits Trump will offer, it is still hard for many people to see the brighter side of things. The Trump controversy has sparked protesters to coin the term, “Love Trumps Hate”, to express their beliefs that Trump is hateful and eventually love will rise up and “overtake” him in a sense. But really, if we are going to lash out and hate him and hurt others whose opinions differ from ours, aren’t we just as wrong as we paint him to be? Love does trump hate, but we are letting hate win when we behave disrespectfully to those around us.

Instead of being a nation divided that is so quick to resort to violence and hatred over our new president- elect, we must unite with one another and make the most out of this situation. This is OUR life for the next four years, and WE decide what it looks like. We can not continue to let this inspire the darkness in us. This election has been hard on all of us, and it is our duty to spread kindness at this time and share insight of what good will come of this. Always respect the office of the president, regardless of who holds it- We all need it.

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