Department receives life skills grant


Erica Roman

Washer and dryer illustration.

Kourtney Allee, Reporter

Recently a new washer and dryer were gifted to Fayetteville High School by the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation (FPEF). In a statement made by Cassaundra Barnhill, a Special Education Designee, she explained how essential this is for the growth of students. “FPEF agreed that the need for the washer and dryer were an integral part of teaching high school students how to do laundry,” Barnhill explained.

The washer and dryer will help the students learn the life skills needed for when they are on their own. Barnhill explained how the department strives to incorporate lessons that will be essential and useful for after high school. During the semester, Seniors will use the new resource and will be taught how to properly use them. As the students do this it will become a part of their routine and a continuous learning experience. Barnhill stated that “we want to make their learning authentic so the skills they learn will be used when they are living independently. We certainly feel like having the knowledge of how to use a washer and dryer, how to treat stains in clothes to get them clean, and how to follow directions on the tags in clothes.”

Barnhill also explained how new equipment means the life skills being taught in class can be more applicable because the equipment is familiar to the ones the students have at home or in the future will buy. She explained how the impact of the new resource cannot be measured because teaching students these important skills will be life long. Barnhill concluded that she was very thankful and appreciative of the generosity of FPEF by gifting the washer and dryer. As a result of this generosity, the washer and dryer can skills the students will use for the rest of their lives.

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