Senior starts her own business

Samples of the custom made notecards from The Write Stuff Catalog.

Samples of the custom made notecards from The Write Stuff Catalog.

Kourtney Allee, Reporter

Kennedy Blair, a Senior at Fayetteville High, has been in the paper business since Sophomore year when she started selling personalized note cards. “I started selling them for fundraising business for a mission trip” she explained.

Blair was an American Heart Association Sweetheart which required fundraising a certain amount of money. Her mom used to personalize paper, so she passed the business onto Blair. Her cardstock, five and a half by five monogrammed note cards began to draw traction and soon Blair made a lot of money, making her one of the top fundraisers at the Heart Association Ball. Many people enjoyed the cards and soon Blair was doing it for fun!

Blair got the idea from her mom who “has always been the paper person” and creates personalized notepads and cards which was her side business.
When Blair was younger her mom made note cards for teacher gifts and she soon started to make invitations for birthday parties. When Blair needed fundraising her mom suggested notecards. Blair liked making them and soon created her company, The Write Stuff.

The Write Stuff logo.

When asked about opening up a business she explained how the cost of supplies highly affected how much she could price the cards and overall marketing. Blair’s mom buys all of the supplies from The Paper Store and Blair pays her mom $4 for each set and supplies and then personalizes them. “It’s taught me a lot about money management,” she explained.

Blair’s job is the company and so she understands how important saving money is and budgeting. “If I get a $60 order in April, I probably won’t get a lot of orders until graduation season rolls around so I have to know how to save my money,” said Blair.

Advertising is something The Write Stuff is good about. The company is advertised through Instagram and a PDF catalog that is put on Blair and her mom’s Instagrams as well as sent out through email to the followers. “You follow the directions on the PDF and email your order to The Write Stuff email,” said Blair. The company mainly targets teens and kids for birthday gifts and everyday notes. Blair says that she prints a lot off for her friend’s birthdays and other everyday activities. “It targets anyone that can write,” said Blair.

She expressed how she would like to in the future make personalized notepads to make the company more diverse. “Writing is something so personal and I feel like that’s kind of the downside of having technology” Blair explains how a lot of people send out a quick text saying thanks and how technology takes away the fun of writing someone a note. “Writing something is so special and I love getting mail” and The Write Stuff is trying to bring back that personal touch.

Kourtney Allee
Kennedy Blair, owner of The Write Stuff.

Blair expressed how she would like to go into business and how important learning skills today can impact the future. “When I think of a business I think of the office and sitting in a cold carpeted office area and that isn’t something that I want to do necessarily. I want to be able to run my own business and work with a company like this instead of just crunching numbers all day.”
Through the company, Blair has found something she is interested in and it has impacted her life greatly. At first, she was skeptical about advertising the company but now she sees that having it is something neat and personal that makes her happy. Balancing school and work are difficult but Blair has found if she prioritizes everything works out. For more information email The Write Stuff at [email protected]

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