Online shopping vs. in-store purchases

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Online shopping vs. in-store purchases

Brianna Duncan, Reporter

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As people prepare for the holidays, deciding what to buy for Christmas gifts can be a tough decision. Some may prefer to do their shopping online while others may want to add a personal touch by actually selecting it. Within the last five years, the amount of people shopping online has gone up tremendously. However, there is actually about 60 percent of people that shop online versus the 40 percent that do it in-store, according to

Online shopping and in-store shopping have both been equally promoted by retailers because of days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday, both major money making days for businesses across the country. The term “Cyber Monday” first started to appear in 2005 as a reflection of the growing online sales on the Monday after Thanksgiving, according to One fear that comes with the phenomenon of ‘Cyber Monday’ can be the major influx of online users and the possibility of identity theft.

In today’s society, convenience is what consumers and retailers alike strive for, but whether shopping online is convenient for every consumer is still to be decided. The most obvious difference between online shopping and in-store shopping is getting to actually see the product before you buy it. That difference can be enough to sway some from ever shopping online, but sometimes shopping online can be the only option to get a certain product or brand. Online prices are also more likely to be lower due to less man-power and there will also be a wider range of products, according to

“Online because it is a lot more convenient and faster, but it’s also kind of inconvenient because if you’re buying clothes you can’t try them on so you kind of just have to guess,” sophomore Victoria Stewart said.

The advantage of days like Cyber Monday is for those who want to avoid the crowds of Black Friday shopping, which has proven to be a potentially dangerous situation for many shoppers. Whether a shopper participates in days like Cyber Monday or just uses the internet as a resource to buy things they want, the internet will continue to be a growing resource to shoppers.

Black Friday may be a thrill for some, but there are many reasons why it is an unreasonable and unnecessary day for retailers and shoppers. Aside from the fact that many retailers have begun to start their Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving instead waiting until Friday, employees have to not only work on the day after Thanksgiving, some even  have to skip their Thanksgiving meals and spend their Thanksgiving working. For some, Thanksgiving has become merely a day to get good deals and go shopping rather than giving thanks with one’s family. Go online and search “crazy Black Friday” videos and see exactly how crazy people get just to grab a new TV or computer. If you decide to participate in the Black Friday craze, be prepared to most likely overspend and be pushed and pulled along the way.

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