Instantaneous Growth

Life moves faster than anything known to man. We so hopelessly grasp at what is not ours and time after time our fingertips slip. Life moves slower when everything falls apart. Seconds feel like minutes and minutes feel like years. Every patch of you is covered with a bandaid, a false security you convince yourself is necessary. Life is a merciless concoction of everything you miss, and everything you are and always will be.

Life is bipolar, it can either be a kick to the teeth, or fresh clean breath. Life lives in black and white, a film only you star in. Silent and unforgiving. Life has its gray moments, where nothing is good but nothing is bad, you give what you take and you want what you had. Life moves faster than anything known to man. We take what we don’t give and we’re placed in the way we live. We grade life as positive or negative, but all we are really in control of is not the gradation of life, but our experience with it. We take what we take, and we give what we are not capable of keeping. A gift for a smile. A smile for a laugh. Life is a rough draft.

As years fold into decades and decades come to a close, we start to look back on what we were given all that time ago. Chances, opportunities, a lucky break. We paid too much attention to the inconsistencies of life, the “just enough but not quite sublime”. We paid too much attention to death and not enough to regeneration. Freedom without liberation. A then meaningless amalgamation.

Kids nowadays are forced to act two times their age. A tedious life without proper indulgences. Too many dues to be paid. Days, weeks, months and years are affixed on here and now. The pressure is on, and this time, there is no way out. The test run is over and the sun begins to set. It is time to make decisions you will either regret or forget. We pay too much attention to either the past or the future, fretting yet again. But the past is now the future, another year is to begin. But all is not lost, the sun is still to rise. Behind our eyes holds a special place of fortitude only we know, so may our projections of said thoughts shine and grow. May our creations live long past our time, more than flesh and bone.

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