Students may find true love using computer program


Amelia Southern

Senior Whitney Waitsman takes the Valentines matchmaking project while her friend Emmy Pummil (11) watches Waitsman describe her ideal partner.

UPDATE: Due to unforeseen issues with the programming software, the computer science classes and Mr. Faulkner have made the decision that the program won’t go up. The students are very disappointed they won’t be able to continue the 7 year tradition but they didn’t have much of a choice due to the time restraint. Despite the rumors of why it was shut down, the real story is that it was because when they combined all of the algorithms it wasn’t matching properly. Mr. Faulkner sincerely apologizes and hopes they will continue next year without a hitch. While you may be disappointed, make sure to let the computer science classes how awesome they are and show them some love because they worked so hard and we need to show them how much we appreciate them.

As the day dedicated to love approaches, students are already starting to schedule dates and reach out to their crushes. In a school of over 2,500, it would seem as if there is a plentitude of fish in the sea. People can meet through a variety of outlets—classes, sports, clubs, and more—yet another variety of circumstances can preclude relationships—especially lack of time, lack of courage, or social group barriers.
The FHS Computer Science A class has created a simple Valentine’s Day program that can let compatible students find each other. The user answers a number of questions about romantic preference, hobbies, and taste. These answers are stored as a string of numbers in the computer system, and people are matched up with others who have similar strings. This algorithm assumes that similar interests and taste correlates with compatibility.
Students can attend the Valentine’s Booth this week (Feb 10-13). Results will be out on February 14th, when students can sign into their accounts and find the name and picture of their match. Students who are looking for love, looking to find a new friend, or simply curious should head to the Booth on the second-floor, Phase 4 OPL.


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