Captain Marvel Review
CTE program receives grant for tower gardens
F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Club visits local elementary schools

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Venezuelan Unrest
School Board votes to change junior high school mascots

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  • Former US Marine Arrested in Russia
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Government Shutdown
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Congratulations to the 2019-2020 staff, Farewell to the old
Farmers market opens on Fayetteville square

Karina Dachauer, Photographer

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The Illuminati

Sofia Calderon and Emilee Wagner

Two high school students, Emilee and Sofia, dive into the world of possibilities surrounding conspiracies and unsolved murders. On this episode, they bring you history and theories on the Illuminati.

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Black health matters

Olivia Smith, Podcaster

Due to racial bias, black people statistically get help from diseases later than their white counterparts, and it has fatal consequences.

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