Off-Site parking spots face city regulations
Thespian Troupe prepares for upcoming festival

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How a government shutdown works
Turning Off the Government

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Two different views of “Freedom of Speech”
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Dance Dance Resolution
Colors Day pep rally

Sofia Calderon and Madeline Mitchell

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Aspiring artist of the Ozarks

Madeline Mitchell, Photographer

Autumn Blaylock is a junior at Fayetteville High School who is an aspiring artist. She had a show for her art this past December at Arsagas Depot on Dickson street where she sold all six of her pieces that were up for sale. Though she doesn't know where, she hopes to go to college for art and has considered art history. Blaylock prefers drawing portraits that are realistic with a fantasy and...

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RSS: Dyatlov Pass

Nine hikers die under mysterious circumstances in the Ural Mountains in the Soviet Union. Sofia and Gavin discuss why.

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